Comobi2 is the specialist arm of Creative Orchestra, a brand marketing and advertising agency (Creative Orchestra Mobile).

Comobi2 specialises in Proximity Mobile Marketing, helping brands to utilise NFC technology to drive consumer engagement via mobile.

“Consumer engagement is not just about the tech but about the idea.”

With Creative Orchestra’s rich integrated experience in brand, direct, promotional, digital marketing & advertising, we are able to give clients high end strategic thinking and creativity, orchestrating fully integrated campaigns from posters to POS, DM and beyond, utilising all consumer touch points.

Put simply, we join all the dots.

Plus we can design and build mobile interfaces and manage the data and analytics through one of our selected partners.

Put simply, we join all the dots.

What we do

As an agency we join the dots by connecting not only consumers and brands but different media, mediums and marketing disciplines.

NFC (Near Field Communications) has been called the ‘missing link’ in mobile marketing and now means you can use a wider range of media, mediums and tried & tested marketing disciplines to win customers over to your website (or app) via mobile.

Giving you real marketing integration across all touch points.

So now mobile no longer needs to be segregated but can be integrated into a broader marketing plan.

And as all consumers have to do is touch an NFC tag with a smartphone (90% are NFC enabled) the phone will automatically open a web page where you can deliver a positive customer experience.

Quick and convenient, and you get a consumer in a positive mind frame.

As NFC tags can be placed on any ad format (over 10,000 Adshels are already NFC enabled) and used in-store, you can create touch points in key places, allowing you to reach consumers in the right place at the right time in the right frame of mind.

With NFC you are NEAR the consumer, in the FIELD where they are shopping, being entertained, socialising, drinking…. And just by touching a tag they open up COMMUNICATIONS with your brand by connecting to your website through a mobile.

Brand awareness, new product launches, promotions, acquisition, CRM, Direct Marketing and loyalty campaigns can all utilise NFC to improve their results.

It also allows you to deliver valuable information and create a dialogue.