An Infographic – NFC & Proximity Mobile Marketing

As part of an effective mobile marketing strategy, brands need a well balanced on-mobile off-mobile strategy.

To help your marketing department be one step ahead – please feel free to pass this around – we’ve created a simple 2 page guide to NFC & Proximity Mobile Marketing and an infographic. Plus there are now three new ones about content.

Utilising new technologies, like NFC, to engage consumers via mobile is delivering new opportunities and innovative solutions within the proximity of where consumers spend 88.5% of retail spend… where they shop, eat, drink, have fun and socialise…

So it’s no wonder this area of marketing is estimated to be worth $9bn across Europe within the next few years.

As thought leaders in the area of NFC & Proximity Mobile Marketing, we are always happy to discuss how we can enhance your marketing plans and deliver increased sales response.

We can create and manage all aspects of your campaign,  from strategy, creativity, technology, media and execution to data analytics.

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What’s the difference between Proximity Mobile Marketing and Mobile Marketing?

Essentially mobile marketing is push – messages or ads are sent to a mobile via text, SMS, ads on apps or  websites. You can use geo-data to target people in key places like at an event. In many cases you need permission to contact people (Data Protection Act) or you could be fined and upset a potential customer.

Proximity Mobile Marketing brings together the concept of using media and mediums that are close to where consumers spend (proximity)  –  like the high street, malls, bars, restaurants, etc  – and drive them to a mobile website (or app) where a brand can engage with them.

Couldn’t I just brief my digital or mobile agency to do  the job? Or do it myself?

Would you ask a plumber to do your electrics? Or a car mechanic to fix your washing machine? I’m sure they’ll have  a go for a fee. As will media agencies or NFC tag suppliers.

And while mobile agencies know their way around mobile technology, it requires a very experienced and skilled team to understand shopper psychology, how they interact with technology (Egopsychonomics) and how to produce persuasive campaigns to drive consumer to the mobile. Because it’s about the power of ideas and persuasion, marketers in the PMM area need both modern digital, traditional advertising and POS skills, something mobile agencies don’t have yet. And as thought leaders in this area, there’s a lot we know that others don’t.

It’s a lot easier to get it wrong than right?

Is it expensive?

Introducing the technology isn’t that expensive because NFC tags are not expensive. Adshel already have them, so no extra expense there. Introducing NFC tags into print (POS, print, etc) adds a little extra.  As for everything else, costs (agency fees, production, print, media) for producing a campaign are the same as you’d expect to spend. Additional costs include handling and analysing data, but that would normally come out of a different budget.

The key is that as PMM is closer to sale you are more likely to get a decent ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) so you’ll get a happier CFO! So no complaining about vacuous numbers that have little to do with sales.

I hear a lot about engagement and content?

The belief is that by engaging consumers they are more likely to build a relationship with a brand and that one way to do that is to provide entertaining content. However, content can come in many forms, including information, vouchers, competitions, downloads (music, video), gaming, maps,  etc…

The key question to ask is why would the customer go to your mobile site and what is the reward for doing so and how will that increase sales?

So what does Comobi2 actually do?

We are a full service agency, so we can plan and execute your campaign from top to toe. Create powerful ideas and executions to create a response and an action – driving consumers to the mobile. We manage  all elements of the media and mediums used and the technology. We can design and build your mobile website (or work with you digital and mobile teams). We also oversee data and analytics.

Discover more.

To find out how your brand can be ahead of the curve in the mobile space and how we can help you connect your brand with future customers, and increase sales, call Chris Arnold.

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How NFC and Proximity Mobile Marketing can be used in Charity Shops

Recently we wrote an article in Third Sector Magazine“Are charities missing the donor under their own roof.” Our estimates, based on one chain of charity shops, showed that they could be gaining an extra £2m pa by using good marketing and technology. Plus recruiting new volunteers and younger people. Of course it’s not just the technology, that just aids the process, it comes down to motivating consumers, and that is where traditional direct marketing and charity experience comes in.