On-mobile vs off-mobile

Thinking outside the box, not inside it.

83% of consumers don’t like mobile advertising but the majority of consumers are favourable towards traditional ads like poster, press and media that is less intrusive. Hardly surprising really, the mobile space is very personal.

On-mobile – PUSH

Traditional mobile marketing is based within the tiny box of a mobile, which is a hard place to have any impact and even harder to do anything eye grabbing and emotionally engaging. Let alone creative. And not a great place to build brands.

An ad on an app like Tune in Radio is only 8mm high, about the same as an ad on a pen. To be as big as a 48 sheet poster the phone would need to be about 50m high, roughly half the height of Big Ben, 1/3 the height of the London Eye.

Off-mobile – PULL

Marketing to people in the right environment – especially the high street, bars, events – makes more sense.

Traditional media and marketing techniques have been honed over decades and have a very high effectiveness rate. Media, like posters, are highly influential, give brands status and stand out in the retail and social environment.

Technology like NFC now means it’s easy to take consumers direct from the media to your website (or an app) at the touch of a tag.

The key difference between Push and Pull is that the latter invites the consumer to connect and engage, resulting in a more positive consumer mindset.

Proximity Mobile Marketing enables off mobile and on mobile to work together.